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Hi Everyone,

After careful consideration, I've decided to cancel the March 21st NYC show and March 22nd Massapequa show.

The Watson Hotel suggested we skip this month. They say the hotel is starting to lose guests and all the other meetings have been cancelled.

For Massapequa, throughout the week, I've received cancellations from vendors and heads up from a few they'll probably cancel. At this point the show would be about half it's size. Also, Suffolk County ordered all events to be cancelled, I'm expecting Nassau County to do the same.

We're hoping we can get back to normal in April.

Here are the dates for April:

                    Saturday April 11th - Wayne, NJ
                    Sunday April 19th - NYC (Special Sunday show)
                    Massapequa returns Sunday May 17th.

Thanks for your support,

Irene & Fred

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